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Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle
Smart Bottle

Smart Bottle

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Our smart bottles combine clever functionality with beautiful design and impeccable workmanship to keep your dog happy, healthy and hydrated throughout your daily adventures.




  • Save Time and Effort - No need to search for water while you're out.
  • Save Space - No need to carry large bottles and bowls around with you.
  • Use Water Efficiently - No more carrying more than you need just to pour away what your dog didn't drink. Unused water can go back into the bottle.
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy - Too many dog products are made from cheap, toxic materials. Our smart bottles are made from the same safe materials as regulated human food containers.




Portable and Leakproof - To ensure no water can escape during transportation, the smart bottle features a lock switch next to the main button and a thick, elastic seal ring between the bowl-lid and the bottle. 



Food Safe - The smart bottle is made from FDA-approved materials to ensure it is healthy and safe for your dog to use every day.



One-Hand Mechanism - The combination of closely positioned button and switch is simple and easy to use when you have your hands full.



Ergonomical Design - The smoothly curved form of the smart bottle combines aesthetic shape with natural, intuitive grip.



Strong and Durable - All parts of the smart bottle are of the highest quality and made from tough, well-finished materials to ensure you and your dog will be able to enjoy it's benefits for a long time.









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